Herkey Houses is a family owned small business. The owners are two brothers, Robert Ramos and Peter Fitzgerald. The idea of this business was inspired by personal events within our family and to honor our cousin lost to addiction. 

Pete is a recovering addict who almost lost it all to an opioid addiction. He holds a remarkable redemption story of how he made a miraculous recovery from his death bed, took action to avoid a lengthy prison sentence, and became a vital asset in the recovery community! Pete is now a well-known community figure who helps countless people around the York and Lancaster area in multiple stages of their recovery, from informing them of treatment options to assisting with recovery house intake arrangements. 

Rob is a 5-year Marine Corps veteran who served from 2013-2018. He is Pete's youngest brother. He has lost multiple friends, comrades, and family members to addiction. He is no stranger to substance abuse. He deals with mental health disorders related to his service and recognizes the difficulties veterans face during their transition to find their fit in the civilian world. 

Together, Rob and Pete have a vision to help others find a more productive and healthier life away from the poison we self-medicate with that ruins our minds and bodies. To realize this dream, Herkey Houses LLC was born. 

Herkey Houses was named after our beloved and missed cousin, Jimmy Herkey. Pete and Jimmy were very close as they grew up together in Brooklyn, New York. Jimmy was one of the funniest people you could ever met. In 2017, Pete and Jimmy had a great time together traveling the country. The evening Pete and Jimmy separated, Jimmy went to sleep and never woke up. His untimely passing devastated family, friends, and his home community in Brooklyn, NY. The coroner's report determined Jimmy's cause of death was excessive alcohol consumption mixed with prescription medications. If more responsible decisions were made, Jimmy would still be here with us today. 

We do not want anyone else to endure this fate or suffer from the preventable loss of a loved one in the same way. Herkey Houses is our way to immortalize Jimmy's importance in this world and create an everlasting legacy. The picture below is a mural of Jimmy Herkey that was painted by his home community in Brooklyn, NY.

Herkey Houses is here to facilitate change and growth. Overcoming and managing addiction is just the first step.