Herkey Houses

Welcome to Herkey Houses

Mission Statement: 

Herkey Houses, LLC will embrace recovery through holistic lifestyle changes and activities and aid individuals to become a better, sober version of themselves by fostering peer accountability, professional development, and personal reflection activities.


Herkey House's purpose is to help members of our community in their drug and alcohol recovery journey by providing affordable transitional housing. Recovery can be an overwhelming venture. Our houses are designed with you in mind to keep you focused, comfortable, and progressive. 


Herkey Houses is expanding our service areas across Pennsylvania! We are currently serving:

York, PA

Lancaster, PA


Herkey House wants you to succeed in everything you do, not just recovery. A benefit provided to our residents that sets us apart from other recovery houses is the services we provide. We work with each individual to help them be successful in their recovery journey. We will work with our residents and adapt our services to fit their needs. We will expose our residents to resources in the community and encourage them to take advantage of these opportunities. 

How long can someone reside with HH?

There is no limit to how long an individual may stay. We are focused on YOUR recovery. We understand recovery is an ongoing process. You are welcome to stay in our clean and structured environment as long as you follow the rules, stay abstinent from drugs and alcohol, and continue participation in self-help programs.